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Diving courses

according to the guidelines of SDI - Scuba Diving International

SDI - Scuba Diving International is an internationally recognized diving association based in Florida / USA.


Together with the associations TDI (for technical diving) and ERDI (for operational divers), SDI/TDI/ERDI is one of the largest diving associations worldwide. Our courses are taught and tested according to the strict standards of SDI.


SDI also has both an EDF and a RSTC - certificate and thus all courses correspond to an EU standard and are fully recognized all over the world.


Only 5 diving associations worldwide have these two certifications. Below you can see the SDI training system - but we do not teach the darkly stored training courses ourselves:


training system of SDI/TDI

Non Professional

You will receive the Advanced Diver as recognition after you have completed 4 specialty courses and can record 25 dives in the logbook.

You will receive the Master Diver as recognition after you can prove the Advanced Diver, the Rescue Diver and 50 dives in the logbook.


In the professional area of SDI a professional career in diving is sought. You become a member of the SDI association

SDI Assistant Instructor
SDI Instructor
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