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Filling station and 24-h automated filling station

Our diving school Grundlsee has 2 Poseidon breathing air compressors for filling the diving tanks!


We fill both 200 bar and 300 bar and have a buffer storage system!

On days when the dive base is occupied, we fill your bottles via our filling ramp with 2 outlets.

If the dive base is not occupied, our "DiveAir" filling machine is at your disposal! To do so, please register once at


Then you can top up your "DiveAir Account" by credit card or instant bank transfer and use the amount at ALL DiveAir filling stations for your refills.


The filling process itself then takes place via mobile phone: You will receive an exact step-by-step instruction on your screen - the system tells you exactly what to do until your bottles are filled! - It's really easy - just give it a try!

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