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The Team: Markus Zandl



Name: Markus Zandl
Born: 1992
Main Job: Overhead-line installer
Diving since : 2002
Favourite diving spot: Precontinent 2 in Sudan
Certification levels:
SDI / TDI Instructor
Interests in diving: Teaching diving,, Wreck-diving, Exploration-Tauchen
Hobbies besides diving
Mountainbiking, Beekeeping, Working voluntary at red cross, paragliding
About me

With me, my diving adventure began, as with most, on vacation with a discovery dive.

When I was 10 years old, I immersed myself in a new world for the first time in Turkey and was immediately obsessed with it.

Already the following year my first trip to Tunisia went and also there it was time for me to go back to the sea.

Due to my young age, I had to let my new hobby rest for a while, until I came to the island of Krk in Croatia.

From there finally began my “great journey” into the wide world of diving. I did most of the courses at Styria Günnis Diving Center and also worked a lot at Günni's dive base in Croatia.

Finally, in 2015 I also met my current diving school partner Thomas there.

But why take a dive course with us? There are diving schools like sand by the sea...

Many large diving schools have only fixed course dates and 6-10 students per course are not uncommon. According to our slogan “flexible learning to dive” you can arrange your course date with us absolutely flexibly! You decide how often, how long and above all where (course dives are possible in Austria, but also in Croatia and Egypt) you want to complete your course contents - of course all required contents and exercises as well as the exam must be completed in order to obtain a diving certificate (Brevet).

Another good argument: we usually train in private lessons! This means that you are (unless otherwise desired) alone in the course and we can fully focus on your individual training. This also makes it possible to reduce the duration of the course up to the diving certificate by a great deal - this has a positive effect on both the costs and the time spent.

Of course, if desired, we also accept several people (e.g. couples, friends, etc.) in a course - here too you will find a reasonable course price, as we can, for example, divide the costs for the theory units by several - but in most cases, this requires a little more time.

This flexible and individual approach benefits our students in every respect.  Each course is individually pre-discussed by us (duration, dates, course locations, number of participants, etc.) and we will create an individual offer for you. Despite the individual training, we always offer an optimal price-performance ratio for your courses. And of course we also want to be competitive at market prices for diving courses. The price range for the “Open Water Scuba Diver” (completed with us at the lake) will be in a price range of 370,- Euro.

I am pleased to have awakened your interest in diving and of course I would be very happy about a request from you!



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