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Your advantages with Scuba Academy

Of course, there are providers of diving courses all over the world like sand at the sea! What are the arguments for a diving course at Scuba Academy?

The following points should convince you to start your diving training at Scuba Academy: 


Diving courses at Scuba Academy are generally conducted in private lessons!

(Of course, but also in groups - e.g. for couples, friends, etc.)

This allows us to fully focus on your personal learning success. This saves time and therefore costs - your learning success will occur quickly!


Many do their diving training on holiday! But actually the precious vacation time is too bad for learning. In addition, there are usually great and exciting diving sites abroad of which you will notice little or nothing at a diving course. Wouldn't it be better to make the diving course here in Austria flexible and then to fully enjoy the exciting diving spots in the sea during your holiday?

Our diving school at Grundlsee offers the best conditions to complete your diving course.

But if you want to combine a (short) holiday with a diving course, you can also combine this with a weekend trip to Vienna, Carinthia or Tyrol. Even a trip to Croatia is an absolutely worthwhile destination for a few days of relaxation combined with a diving course!


Diving courses at Scuba-Academy are flexible and individual. For you, this means that you decide how many hours per day you want to do the theory. You also determine the number of dive days e.g. only 1 dive per day or more. Of course we also arrange all appointments together! Of course, you must have completed all the prescribed content and exercises to complete the course.


Thanks to the pedagogical training of Thomas, we guarantee high-quality training methods! The theory content is optimally prepared and conveyed to you in a simple and understandable way. The concept of one-to-one lessons allows us to respond optimally to your questions. Also, all exercises in the water are slowly trained and repeated until they sit perfectly.

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