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Our Highlight: Diving with the so called "Plätte" to dive side "Ressenwand"


Plätten are traditionally keelless, mostly box-shaped wooden work ships that are used in the Alpine Danube region for a wide variety of applications (also called Plättl, in Hallstatt also called "Fuhr"). These boats are distinguished by their unmistakable forward point, which is called “Gransel” or “Gansing”.

As a special highlight we offer exclusively and in cooperation with "Schifffahrt Grundlsee" the opportunity to go with such a boat to the so-called "Ressenwand" (or other places at Grundlsee, of course, by prior arrangement) and do a guided dive there.

This option is only possible with Scuba Academy, as the Ressenwand is not an official dive site. The Ressenwand may only be dived by us and is also only accessible by boat - in our case with the "Plätte".

The dive site Ressenwand is a spectacular steep wall with a variety of fallen trees and large rock formations underwater. Due to the remote location there are also a lot of fish to find here and it is certainly the most spectacular diving spot of the whole Grundlsee.


If you are interested in diving with a "Plätte", please register at least 1 week before the planned date. The boats are operated by the Grundlsee shipping company and are of course also booked for other purposes ("Plätten"-breakfast, etc.). It is therefore possible that the boat is already booked for your desired date.

In principle, appointments in the afternoon are also easier to find, as the "Plätten"-breakfast is very popular and naturally takes place in the morning.

Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding plate diving!


The price depends on the number of divers! The more divers join the trip, the more time consuming the exit and the more fuel the boat needs. We also accompany trips from 5 divers for safety reasons with 2 guides!


Our pricing model is therefore divided into 3 seasons, which you can see below. We have also calculated the cost contribution for each possible group size for the individual diver.

In principle, prices appear high at first glance. However, please keep in mind that the boat is only available for you about 2-2.5 hours (the pick-up from our base, the loading, the way to the "Ressenwand", the diving time, the ascent back to the boat, the return trip and the unloading take this time) and also that a trained skipper is bound and wants to be paid during this time.

Overall, the price per diver becomes lower as the number of accompanying divers increases:

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