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SDI Rescue Diver


After you finished an Advanced Open Water Diver certification,

issued by an recognized diving association you already
have a lot of scuba diving experience. So it is slowly time

to approach the top class in recreational diving.

In the two courses "Open Water Diver" and "Advanced Open Water Diver" you have primarily learned how to safely plan and perform your dives in the buddy team.


The SDI Rescue Diver now goes a step further - here you should learn skills and abilities, how to take care of your buddy (and of course always yourself) and how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations in advance or, in the worst case, how to react correctly to such situations.


As an SDI Rescue Diver you will learn many skills such as:


- How to react to a diver in stress or panic

- Risk management in relation to diving physics

- Safe planning of dives (also in relation to decompression tables)

- Behavior in case of loss of diving partner

- Resolving cramps under water

- Correct reaction to a torn fin or mask band

- Emergency management and equipment

- Transporting a tired diver

- Rescue an unconscious diver

- First aid and resuscitation

- Rescue techniques


Various emergency drills in various versions are discussed in theory as well as practiced and perfected in open water - this will lead you to perform safe dives.

As a SDI Rescue Diver you are recognized worldwide, SDI/TDI is a member of R.S.T.C. - Europe and certified by the ISO


355,- € per person

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