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SDI Advanced Adventure Diver


It's time to educate yourself!?


As an SDI Open Water Scuba Diver (or equivalent: e.g. PADI, SSI, CMAS* etc.) you are subject to certain restrictions when diving. The next path leads you to the "Advanced Diver"!


In the course "Advanced Adventure" you will get to know 5 special areas of your choice, which you can try. It is always necessary to complete an open water dive from the respective special area.

The Advanced Adventure course should serve as an orientation, in which areas you would like to do your specialty training for the Advanced Diver!


You can choose from many special areas of diving during the Advanced Adventure course:


Deep diving (30 m)


Advanced Buoyancy Control

Search & Recovery

Sidemount Diving

Night diving

Dry Suit Diving

Boat diving

Diver Propulsion Vehicle (Scooter)

Wreck diving

Ice diving

Each selected dive of the SDI Advanced Adventure course can be credited following the corresponding specialty. After completing 4 specialties and registering 25 dives in your logbook, you will automatically receive the SDI "Advanced Diver" certification as recognition.


No matter where you dive in the world, your SDI Advenced Diver is recognized worldwide. SDI is a member of R.S.T.C. - Europe and ISO certified by!


265,- € per person

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