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SDI Divemaster


The SDI Divemaster is the first step in a professional (or

part-time) career in the diving industry. A divemaster

course only makes sense if you already have a certain amount of

scuba diving experience and feel ready to take on great responsibility for yourself and others.


A SDI Divemaster acts primarily as a dive guide and leads dive groups or accompanies beginners on their dives (not training dives). Furthermore, the SDI Divemaster (if insurance cover is available) is authorized to perform try scuba dives!


For these tasks, it is of course necessary to have a wealth of theoretical contents in the knowledge repertoire as well as to demonstrate professional behavior underwater:


- We therefore train your underwater fitness and your skills (skills)

- All these UW skills are perfected to show quality

- We teach you in all relevant theoretical contents for the diving sport also with detailed knowledge

- During the training you should also lead real dive groups to collect practice

- You will become a SDI/TDI member after the training and can gain a foothold in the diving industry professionally! 


SDI Divemasters can be used worldwide, SDI is member of R.S.T.C. - Europe and certified by the ISO.


As a SDI Divemaster you can apply at any time for a job as a dive guide at all dive centers and diving schools worldwide.


Afterwards, you also have good opportunities to do the SDI Assistant Instructor or SDI Instructor abroad.


Attention: A Divemaster course cannot be planned 100% in advance! It may be that exercises need to be repeated more often or that more time is needed for more complex theory units. It depends on your previous experience in diving and your individual skills! The aim of this training is to establish you professionally (or part-time) in the diving industry!
For a Divemaster course we can only offer an individual cost estimate - the total bill can only be made after successful completion!
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