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SDI Master Scuba Diver


With the SDI Specialty courses, you are able

to learn a great variety of areas and facets of diving

with individual further training!

If you complete 4 of these Specialty courses and have entered 25 dives in your logbook, you will be awarded the recognition level "Advanced Diver"!

After the Advanced Diver, the trail continues to the Rescue Diver. After you have successfully completed this course and have 50 dives in your logbook, you will be awarded the status "SDI Master Diver" without further course!

This status is the highest in the non-professional level of diving. Attention the "Master Diver" is not to be confused with the "Divemaster", which is already established in the professional field of the diving industry!

The following specialty courses are available:


-  SDI Advanced Buoyancy Diver

-  SDI Dry Suit Diver (diving with dry suit)

-  TDI Nitrox Diver (diving with increased oxygen content in the breathing air)

-  SDI Navigation (deepening in the area of underwater navigation)

-  SDI Night & Limited Visibility Diving (perform dives at night and with poor visibility)

-  SDI Equipment Specialist (Deepening knowledge in the technique of diving equipment)

- SDI Boat Diver

-  SDI Diver Propulsion Vehicle (diving with the help of dive scooters)

-  SDI Altitude Diver (diving in mountain lakes)

-  SDI Ice Diving (diving under ice surfaces)

-  SDI Deep Diving (dives over 30m depth to max. 40m depth)

-  SDI Wreck Diving (diving in underwater wrecks)

-  SDI Search & Recovery (dives to search for lost items)

-  SDI Sidemount Diving (diving in sidemount configuration)


Of course, all SDI Specialty courses are recognized worldwide, SDI/TDI is a member of R.S.T.C. - Europe and certified by the ISO



The SDI Master Diver is a recognition level that you get without a course. All you have to do is pay the brevet fee.

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