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SDI Specialty courses


With the SDI Specialty courses, you can continue your diving career with a

variety of areas and facets of diving!

Here we focus entirely on a certain special topic, which is often only briefly outlined during the diving courses!

A SDI Specialty course entitles you, of course, after graduation, to perform dives in this specialty area worldwide!

The following specialty courses are available:


-  SDI Advanced Buoyancy Diver

-  SDI Dry Suit Diver (diving with dry suit)

-  TDI Nitrox Diver (diving with increased oxygen content in the breathing air)

-  SDI Navigation (deepening in the area of underwater navigation)

-  SDI Night & Limited Visibility Diving (perform dives at night and with poor visibility)

-  SDI Equipment Specialist (Deepening knowledge in the technique of diving equipment)

- SDI Boat Diver

-  SDI Diver Propulsion Vehicle (diving with the help of dive scooters)

-  SDI Altitude Diver (diving in mountain lakes)

-  SDI Ice Diving (diving under ice surfaces)

-  SDI Deep Diving (dives over 30m depth to max. 40m depth)

-  SDI Wreck Diving (diving in underwater wrecks)

-  SDI Search & Recovery (dives to search for lost items)

-  SDI Sidemount Diving (diving in sidemount configuration)


Of course, all SDI Specialty courses are recognized worldwide, SDI/TDI is a member of R.S.T.C. - Europe and certified by the ISO



SDI Specialty courses can often be completed with a day of diving and short theory sessions! The prices for all specialty courses can be found on our price list for diving courses

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